Monthly membership dues are extremely reasonable, and include all fundamental instruction for parades and local shows.  Classes are held weekly at the Golden Girl studio.  Monthly dues are NOT pro-rated based on the number of times a student attends that month.  Ms. Yvonne is constantly working for all members to make this an exceptional program!

Our Academy is very progressive and focuses on constant skill building, and as such, is not conducive to members taking breaks.  It is disruptive to the twirler, and the twirler’s fellow classmates.

Membership dues are structured as follows:

GOLD members – $60/month (discounted “Loyalty” rate)
To attain GOLD status, members must:
1) Never miss a month of paying full membership dues.
2) Attend the Golden Spirit Twirling Clinic each year.
3) Attend the CO State Championships hosted by the Golden Girls each year.

All twirlers begin as “Gold” members, receiving the Loyalty discount.

SILVER members – $70/month
Any members who do not follow the GOLD status guidelines above.

Dues are to be paid to “RMGGBA” (check or cash) at the first lesson/event of each month.  A $5.00 late fee will be applied to any dues paid after the 15th of the month.

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