Uniforms and Warm-ups


The Golden Girls take great pride in their uniformity and style.  Additionally, we make every effort to keep our costs down while keeping quality a priority.  Our uniforms are special ordered from “Show-Off Inc.” and are made to last a long time.  Cost of uniform is between $115 and $135 (depending on size), and a $80 deposit is required at time order is placed.

Golden Girl Jordan wears her uniform proudly in a parade. Golden Girl Jordan wears her uniform proudly in a parade.

IMPORTANT: Never machine wash, machine dry, or dry clean your uniform. It WILL get ruined!(sequins will melt in machine dryer and with dry cleaning). For any washing, be sure to use IVORY DISH SOAP/LIQUID (the mildest soap, recommended by the uniform company).Follow these directions to ensure a long life for your uniform:

Golden Girls Uniform Washing Instructions:

If you find you need to wash your uniform, try to avoid washing entire uniform by spot cleaning critical spots (for example, crotch, small spots, etc.).

  1. To clean crotch area: Mix a tiny bit of Ivory Dish Soap with cold water in clean sink, dip crotch section only in soapy water, use your hand to work the dirt out, rinse with cold water, gently press out excess water, then hang or lay flat to dry.
  2. To spot clean a specific spot: Mix a tiny bit of Ivory Dish Soap with cold water.  Using a clean white washcloth, dip a portion of the washcloth in the soapy solution and blot on spot until spot is removed.  Remove any remaining soap with clean, non-soapy wet washcloth.  Hang or lay flat to dry.

To wash entire uniform: In a clean sink, add cold water to a little bit of Ivory Dish Soap.  Place uniform in soapy solution and gently knead as necessary.When finished, rinse uniform thoroughly with fresh cold water. Do not twist or wring uniform, but gently press to remove excess water.Lay uniform flat to dry on drying rack, white side up. Take good care of your uniform & store in a safe place.It will stay looking new for a long time!


Golden Girl warmups are used for outdoor performances throughout the colder months, and additionally make for great cover-wear over uniforms to/from special events.  Cost of the warmups is $90 (Jacket: $58  Pants: $32), which includes full embroidery on the back, and each Golden Girls’ name on the front.  A SUPER value!

Golden Girls pose with "Cam the Ram" at the CSU Homecoming parade Golden Girls pose with Cam the Ram at the CSU Homecoming parade.

Example of gold star placement on jacket

After one complete year of full membership, Golden Girls are rewarded by receiving a gold star to place on the front of their jacket. This star is to be placed below their Golden Girl name, centered with the star point up, and placed a little extra below the name (not directly below it).  The stars are intended to be ironed-on, but Ms. Yvonne has not tried that yet, so not sure how/if it will affect the fabric.  Whether or not ironed on, it is HIGHLY suggested that you also “tack” in all 5 corners of the star with gold thread to ensure it’s safety of staying on.  Additional stars earned in following years will be placed directly to the left, then the right, of the center star.  CENTER, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, etc….  Congratulations to our long-standing members!

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